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Tithe and Offering Scriptures Complete Collection
Tithe and Offering Scriptures Complete Collection

Tithe and Offering Scriptures Complete Collection

By: Leon Bible

Item #: 12546
ISBN 10: 0967199565
ISBN 13: 9780967199566
Condition: New
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Tithe and Offering Scriptures Hardcover Book by Leon Bible
Part Number: 12546
ISBN 10: 0967199565
ISBN 13: 9780967199566
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Condition: New

Description: This is the COMPLETE collection of Tithe & Offering Scriptures by Leon Bible. 260 Bible passages and meditations arranged in Biblical order. Written from a Pastors heart, Tithe & Offering Scriptures is bold in proclaiming promises of blessing to the giver and tither; yet no exaggerated claims, fanciful interpretations, or twisting of Scripture are used to manipulate giving. Giving and tithing is truly an act of worship and faith.Complete Tithe and Offering Scriptures E-Book

The author firmly believes in Romans 10:17 faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. When the Bible is read, faith for giving will be born in the hearts of the hearers. As this happens people will give out of a heart of obedience to the Word of God. It is this kind of giving that God responds to with abundant blessings in the life of the giver. If we want to see the Kingdom of God advanced, and Gods people experiencing financial blessings, then it is the duty of Pastors, as stewards of the Word of God, to share faithfully Gods principles of giving.

Book Description: 

  • Tithe & offering outlines
  • 5 Years/ 260 week program
  • Outlines fully developed
  • Scripturally sound
  • Takes less than 5 minutes
  • Table of Contents
  • Complete Subject Index
  • No gimmicks, pressure or hype
  • Space for personal notes and dates used
Each Tithe & Offering Scriptures is developed in the following seven ways:

  1. Title – Each meditation has a prayerfully worded faith-filled title.
  2. Theme – The theme states in a concise and clear way the Scriptural thoughts and ideas that will be left in the hearts of the hearers.
  3. Scripture Reading – The KJV Scripture text is printed for your convenience, however, any version may be used. Other versions are often given where help in clarifying the text is needful.
  4. Relating to the Scripture – In a simple and straight forward way, the teaching of the text is given. Often Hebrew and Greek word meanings as well as other Biblical resources are cited and referenced.
  5. Offering Admonition/Confession – This section serves as a connecting statement between the Scripture and the offering itself; which may be read or may be used to lead Gods people in a confession of faith.
  6. Personal Notes – Recognizing that God will also be speaking to you, as you meditate His Word, a place for recording your own thoughts and spiritual insights is provided.
  7. Ministry Use Log – These Scriptural meditations are intended to be used in the receiving of tithe and offerings in Christian assemblies. Understanding that these Scriptures will not be used in order and that the minister will need to know what Scripture was used and when, a record section for Ministry Use is a must and is included.

Here is what just a few of the churches are saying that have begun to use Tithe and Offering Scriptures as part of their worship service.

  • Southern Baptist Church – MO – We use the Tithe and Offering Scriptures for our 8:00 a.m. Contemporary Service. I have found that since we starting using it before we take up our morning offering. People are not just “throwing” money into the office plate when it goes by, but they are now WORSHIPING God as they are giving there tithe or offering. In addition our offerings have already increased by 50% in just the few weeks we started using it. WOW!! To God be the Glory!!!
  • Assembly of God – OK – I put them in our weekly bulletins. The tithes and offering are higher than I have ever seen them in the six years I have been the pastor.
  • Baptist – SC – A great tool for teaching the blessings of giving! I have seen positive results in my people and their attitude at the offering time and their giving in general. It is working for us!
  • United Methodist Church – FL – I simply love the material. It has added something extra to our offertory that makes it more than a collection but a genuine act of worship.
  • Worship Center – CA – You were absolutely correct in your assertion that it is not the same-ole prosperity message!

This ONE Hardcover book contains 5 books in one:

Each of the individual books contains 52 different giving Scriptures. Combined into this one book are all five books with a total of 260 different giving Scripture Outlines; enough for 5 years! All five books below are part of this one book.

  • Red book – 52 Scriptures
  • Blue book – 52 Scriptures
  • Green book – 52 Scriptures
  • Brown book – 52 Scriptures
  • Gray book – 52 Scriptures

  • ISBN-10: 0967199565
  • ISBN-13: 9780967199566 
  • Publisher: Ministry Helps
  • Dates: 2015
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Pages: 568 

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