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The Prayer Life
The Prayer Life

The Prayer Life

By: Andrew Murray

Item #: 10042
ISBN 10: 1641231386
ISBN 13: 9781641231381
Condition: New
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Part Number: 10042
ISBN 10: 1641231386
ISBN 13: 9781641231381
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Condition: New

Description: In 1912, only few years before he passed away, Andrew Murray gathered with other pastors at a conference about the low state of spiritual affairs in the South African churches. The Prayer Life was borne out of the soul searching and repentance that transpired at that conference. Here, Murray addresses the problem of prayerlessness, a condition that knows no generational boundaries. Murray cuts to the heart of the problem, offering suggestions that, if followed, will have a serious impact on the life of the believer. Murray explains that since prayer is an outgrowth of abiding in Christ, prayerlessness is fundamentally a lack of abiding rather than simply a lack of prayer. The Prayer Life is a challenging call to a deeper Christian experience, out of which will naturally flow a life of prayer. Much more than a book on how to pray, this is a book on how to have a deeper, more effective spiritual walk with God.

"Prayer is the very pulse of the spiritual life." So Andrew Murray reminds us in this classic book on the power of prayer. With profound insight, the author reveals the greatest secret to success in our pursuit of God, that in spiritual work everything depends upon prayer. Most often it is simply the sin of prayerlessness that causes us to fall short in reaching our full potential in God.
Prayer flows out of a renewed relationship with Christ, a communion with God based upon love and trust in Him to be our all-sufficiency. It is only this life of persevering and believing prayer that leads to a powerful and abundant spiritual walk in Christ.


  1. The Sin of Prayerlessness
  2. The Fight Against Prayerlessness
  3. How to Be Delivered from Prayerlessness
  4. The Blessing of Victory
  5. The Example of Our Lord
  6. The Holy Spirit and Prayer
  7. Sin vs. the Holiness of -God
  8. Obedience and the Victorious Life
  9. Hints for the Inner Chamber
  10. The Example of Paul
  11. The Word and Prayer"Follow Me
  12. George Muller and Hudson Taylor
  13. The Spirit of the Cross
  14. Taking Up the Cross
  15. The Holy Spirit and the Cross
  16. Epilogue

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