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The Divine Habitation Trilogy
The Divine Habitation Trilogy

The Divine Habitation Trilogy

By: Kevin J. Conner

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Description: Combined for your convenience and savings! The Divine Habitation Trilogy contains three study books by Kevin J Conner that teaches on the dwelling place of God in the Old Covenant. 

  1. The Tabernacle of Moses - The Riches of Redemption's Story as revealed in the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle of Moses provides an in-depth study on this ancient Hebrew place of worship. Kevin Conner uses a thoughtful, step-by-step approach to illuminate how Redemption can be explained through the Tabernacle of Moses. 
  2. The Tabernacle of David - The Presence of God as Experienced in the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle of David exposes you to the many forms of worship experienced by the Hebrewsin Zion, the City of David. Learn about the history of the Ark of the Covenant from Moses' to David's time. Through the Tabernacle of David begin to understand how the New Testament Church can trace its roots in worship to the time of David.
  3. The Temple of Solomon - In the third book of the Divine Habitation Trilogy. The Temple of Solomon, discover how the Ancient Hebrews worshipped God in splendor. In this temple that stood until its destruction in Jeremiah's day, all Israel could come and offer sacrifices to Him. Study the order of worship as found in the Temple of Solomon and examine the many distinctions that separate it from the Tabernacles of Moses and David.


  • ISBN-10:091493693x, 0914936948, 0914936964
  • ISBN-13: 9780914936930, 9780914936947, 9780914936961
  • Publisher: City Christian Publishing
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 119, 276, 261
  • Actual Weight: 4 pounds 

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