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Money With A Mission
Money With A Mission

Money With A Mission

By: Leroy Thompson, Sr.

Item #: 11195
ISBN 10: 1577943457
ISBN 13: 9781577943457
Condition: New
Your Price: $12.99
Part Number: 11195
ISBN 10: 1577943457
ISBN 13: 9781577943457
Google Product Category: Media > Books > Non-Fiction > Religion Books
Availability: In Stock
Condition: New

Description: Putting Your Money to Work In the Body of Christ. Money Is for Movement! What are your plans for your money? Are you just trying to get all the bills paid? Are you saving for the future, for the kids, for retirement? Are you looking to buy a new home, take a vacation or buy a new car? God knows that you need all of these things, and He has the ability to meet all these needs and more! No matter how much money you have, God wants to give you more! He desires to bring increase to you and your family. Why? Because God's money has a specific purpose¿oto expand the body of Christ! Building on the revolutionary principles established in his last book, Money Cometh, Pastor Leroy Thompson expounds on God¡¦s perspective on gaining wealth in Money With a Mission. The eye-opening truths are sure to transform the way you view your money. Instead of seeing the lack, you will see increase in all areas of life! Based on Biblical values, Money With a Mission takes you inside of the heart of God concerning your financial situation. God's desire is that your money not only cover your bills but enable you to be a great blessing to the body of Christ and the lost. Just as your life is empowered by God, so is your money. It is money with a destiny. It is money with a purpose. It is Money With a Mission! Learn how you can have financial prosperity by handling money God's way. Discover God's purpose for your money today!


  • ISBN:  9781577943457
  • Publisher: Ever Increasing Word Ministries
  • Binding:  Paperback
  • Pages: 152 
  • Actual Weight: 8 ounces

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