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Kenneth & Gloria Copeland's Promise Package
Kenneth & Gloria Copeland's Promise Package

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland's Promise Package

By: Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

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Description: A collection of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's Promise package consisting of:

  • Family Promises: Kenneth and Gloria have created Family Promises --a collection of scriptures and nuggets of truth especially for families. Inside, you'll find scriptures you can stand on for singleness, marriage, children, your in-laws, brothers and sisters in Christ and more. Great for accompanying your Bible study prayer time or even for personal reference when you get the truth of God's Word concerning your family fixed and established in your heart, nothing will be able to tear it apart.
  • Healing Promises: Is healing alive and well in your life --the way you want it to be? God promised healing for His people. And God doesn't break a promise. The same healing power you read about in the Bible is still around today. But where can you find power? You'll find it in God's Word. And now, you'll find the scriptures related to healing conveniently gathered into one book . . . Healing Promises. This hands-on healing manual is presented in a way to give you practical application of God's healing Word in your life. And, to help give you deep insights into healing.
  • Protection Promises:  Are angels watching over you? If you're a child of God, they are. In fact, Psalm 91 says God commands His angels to keep you safe. They have a special commission: They enforce God's hundreds of promises to keep you from danger and harm. So no matter where you are - at home, at work, on vacation - God has promised to protect you. Learn more about those assurances of safety in Protection Promises. It's filled with scriptures specifically about protection so you can fill your heart with God's Word to give you ease. Plus, each chapter contains lists of God's promises cited from multiple Bible versions for greater clarity. You'll find chapters on protection, obedience and freedom from fear. You'll even find verses that promise protection for your children. Build a hedge of protection around your family today - discover the Protection Promises available to you!
  • Prosperity Promises: You don't have to talk God into prospering you. Scripture clearly reveals it's His will for you to thrive and be successful. He wants you to enjoy well-being and experience His abundant provision-spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. Prosperity Promises offers clear insights into God's perspective on prosperity through four translations of scripture including -King James Version -The Amplified Bible -The James Moffatt Translation -New International Version Don't wonder anymore if it's God's will for you to prosper and be blessed. God's Word is full of prosperity promises . . . and Prosperity Promises is full of God's Word-to increase your faith and develop your confidence that God is not only able, but also willing to meet all your needs in every area of your life.


  • ISBN-13: Various
  • Publisher: Harrison House
  • Binding: Paperback 
  • Actual Weight: 2 pound 6 ounces

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