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Interpreting The Scriptures
Interpreting The Scriptures

Interpreting The Scriptures

By: Kevin J. Conner

Item #: 11136
ISBN 10: 0914936204
ISBN 13: 9780914936206
Condition: New
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ISBN 10: 0914936204
ISBN 13: 9780914936206
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Description: Interpreting the Scriptures "What does the Bible Mean?" answers to this question are many and varied. Most Christians agree on the fact that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, given to be understood by them and assimilated into their lives. However, where they differ greatly is concerning the meaning of Scripture. The differing viewpoints are virtually countless. Since one's doctrine stems from one's interpretation of the Bible and all interpretation is guided by various rules, it seems that the Christian community should be focusing its attention more on the field of hermeneutics - the science of interpreting Scripture. It is needed that provides the basis for this textbook on hermeneutics. This book assumes that a working knowledge of hermeneutics coupled with an illuminating unction of the Holy Spirit will enable those who interpret Scripture to come to a harmonious knowledge of the truth. 

Just a glance at the table of contents reveals that though this text is rather comprehensive in its treatment of the subject, its main emphasis lies in the presentation of seventeen principles of interpretation. These principles are actually rules of procedure that the interpreter will be able to use as keys to open up the truths of Scripture. Any student of the Word will find this book to be very helpful guide in his studies as well as a veritable gold mine of truth. 

Interpreting the Scriptures introduces the reader to the science of hermeneutics by listing qualifications of an interpreter, the methods of interpreting, and a brief history of interpreting. The authors explore seventeen basic principles for interpreting any passage of Scripture. Any student of the Word will find this book to be a very helpful guide in his studies as well as a veritable gold mine of truth.


1. An Introduction to Hermeneutics 
2. The Qualifications Of An Interpreter 
3. The Methods Of Interpretation 
4. A Brief History Of Hermeneutics 
5. The Foundations For Interpretation 
6. The Context Principle 
7. The First Mention Principle
8. The Comparative Mention Principle
9. The Progressive Mention Principle
11. The Election Principle
12. The Covenantal Principle
13. The Ethnic Division Principle
14. The Chronometrical Principle
15. The Dispensations Redefined 
16. The Breach Principle
17. The Christo-Centric Principle
18. The Moral Principle
19. The Symbolic Principle
20. The Numerical Principle
21. The Typical Principle
22. The Parabolic Principle
23. The Allegorical Principle
24. The Interpretation Of Prophecy 


  • ISBN: 9780914936206
  • Publisher: City Bible Publishing
  • Date: 1995
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 165
  • Actual Weight: 2 pound 

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