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How To Discipline Your Flesh
How To Discipline Your Flesh

How To Discipline Your Flesh

By: Kenneth Copeland

Item #: 10808
ISBN 10: 1575621169
ISBN 13: 9781575621166
Condition: New
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Part Number: 10808
ISBN 10: 1575621169
ISBN 13: 9781575621166
Google Product Category: Media > Books > Non-Fiction > Religion Books
Availability: In Stock
Condition: New

Description: How To Discipline Your Flesh! "Victory." During the past few years, that word has been bandied back and forth between believers like a badminton birdie at a Sunday school picnic. We've talked about it glibly among ourselves. We've quoted scriptures about it. We've called ourselves "overcomers" and "more than conquerors" and pretended that we experienced continual success in our everyday lives. But the plain truth is, most of us haven't. Instead of being conquerors, we've found ourselves being conquered by everything from cigarettes to credit cards to coconut pie. It's not that we haven't put up a fight against those fleshly failures. We have! We've tried to lick them over . . . and over . . . and over again. Most of us have "repented" and "rededicated" more times than we can remember. Yet it seems like every time we take a fresh stand against the devil, he just knocks us flat once more. It doesn't have to be that way. And in this breakthrough book, you'll see why. You'll get wise to the subtle strategies Satan uses to trick you into sin. And You'll learn how to fight back (and win!) with supernatural strategies of your own. Strategies that will set you free from the destructive habits, stubborn sins, and fleshly weaknesses that have held you captive for so long. So don't wait another moment. Discover, at last, How to Discipline Your Flesh and begin to live like the mighty conqueror God has given you the power to be!


  • ISBN: 9781575621166
  • Publisher: Kenneth Copeland Pub
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 57
  • Actual Weight: 2 ounces

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