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How God Answers Prayer
How God Answers Prayer

How God Answers Prayer

By: Elmer Towns

Item #: 10426
ISBN 10: 076843114X
ISBN 13: 9780768431148
Condition: New
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Part Number: 10426
ISBN 10: 076843114X
ISBN 13: 9780768431148
Google Product Category: Media > Books > Non-Fiction > Religion Books
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Condition: New

Description: Elmer Towns addresses the topic of How God Answers Prayer. How to Pray Specific Needs Series. What happens when you pray? How God Answers Prayer does not to tell you how to get answers to your prayers—there are thousands of books like that. This a radically different book because it approaches prayer from God’s perspective.

Prayer is relationship with God. When you understand How God Answers Prayer, then you realize prayer is all about trusting your heavenly Father—trusting Him to answer what is best for you, how it’s best for you, and when it’s best for you.

Divided into three inspiring sections and bite-size chapters filled with full servings of biblical goodness, you will learn about the following…and much more:

  • God answers when you wait in His presence for the answer.
  • God can give you a vision of how the answer can come.
  • God answers when you yield to His will.
  • Use your faith supernaturally to move God’s work forward.
  • God may allow an obstacle to tell you “No,” it will not happen.
  • When God answers your prayer differently from what you expected.
  • God may say, “No, I have a better plan for your life.”

Well-known author and respected Liberty University dean and professor, Dr. Elmer Towns sheds light on your innermost desire to communicate with your heavenly Father, and brings your relationship with Him to an even more intimate level of love.


  • ISBN - 10: 076843114X
  • ISBN - 13: 9780768431148
  • Publisher: Destiny Image
  • Date: 2009
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 237
  • Actual Weight: 1 pound


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