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Dr Cho's Ministering Hope for 50 Years
Dr Cho's Ministering Hope for 50 Years

Dr Cho's Ministering Hope for 50 Years

By: David Yonggi Cho

Item #: 10288
ISBN 10: 0884192261
ISBN 13: 9780882704807
Condition: New
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Part Number: 10288
ISBN 10: 0884192261
ISBN 13: 9780882704807
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Description: How God Shaped Dr. Cho and His Ministry of Hope.  "I looked into the eyes of the people of Dario-dong, the little town that held our ragged, old tent church and saw only suffering, hunger, sickness, hopelessness, and helplessness. But in my mind I saw these people as beautiful people of God, and my heart was ignited with a love spark that became a burning flame of desire to fill their hearts with hope by teaching them about God, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit" (Dr David Yonggi Cho).

Dr. Cho carried this vision with him through the years as he struggled to bring hope to people and to build the church that became the largest in the world. God taught him not to depend on himself but to depend totally on the Holy Spirit. When he depended on the Holy Spirit, he succeeded; when he did not, he failed. In this book, Dr. Cho tells, plainly and simply, openly and honestly, the stories of his temptations and doubts, failures and successes, and how the Holy Spirit was with him in every situation.

He writes, "For fifty years the mighty Holy Spirit has enabled us to give help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless, and by so doing He has enabled us to build the world's largest church. May it always be to the honor and glory of God our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the blessed Holy Spirit."


  • ISBN-10: 0884192261
  • ISBN-13: 9780882704807
  • Publisher: Bridge-Logos 
  • Binding: Paperback 
  • Pages: 176 
  • Actual Weight: 9 ounces

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