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God's Plan for Man Lecture Series (Part Two) MP3
God's Plan for Man Lecture Series (Part Two) MP3

God's Plan for Man Lecture Series (Part Two) MP3

By: Finis J. Dake

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God's Plan for Man Lecture Series
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This is a secondary product listing for the purpose of download only. If you would like to purchase the Dake's God Plan for Man Lecture Series click HERE.

This live teaching lecture series of Rev. Finis Dake has long been out of production and has now been digitized for your listening pleasure! The God's Plan for Man Lecture Series features 16 lectures each 45 minutes long. We have made this once out of production lecture series available in MP3 format for instant download. 

The topics Rev. Finis Dake teaches on in the lecture series are:
  1.  The Divine Trinity
  2. The Pre-Adamite World
  3. The Historical Part of the Bible - Adam to Christ
  4. Sin, Sanctification, the New Birth, and Eternal Life
  5. The Book of Daniel Part One - The Time of the Gentiles
  6. The Book of Daniel Part Two - The Rise of the Antichrist
  7. The Book of Revelation - The Gist of the Entire Book
  8. The Book of Revelation, Mystery Babylon, The False Prophet, and the Sabbath Day
  9. The Rapture of the Church - the Time and Qualifications
  10. The Second of Christ - Exposition of Matthew 24 & 25
  11. The Tribulation, the Woman, the Man-Child, the Mark of the Beast
  12. The Antichrist - Not a World Wide Dictator
  13. The Spirit World
  14. The Spirit World, the Underworld of Departed Spirits, Heaven & Hell 
  15. The Millennium
  16. The Eternal Societies on Earth


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