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Roy Hicks

Dr. Roy H. Hicks is the former General Supervisor of the International Foursquare Churches and studied under the ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson. He, along with his wife, Margaret, pastored churches in Ohio, Nebraska, and New York State. He was appointed to serve in office of Supervisor of Foursquare Churches in Western Canada and the Northwest states of America until his appointment as General Supervisor of all Foursquare Churches in the International Office in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Hicks served in the position for five years until his official retirement.

Since his retirement he has continued to travel extensively both at home and abroad and is recognized as a speaker who is a "teacher of the Word," with a strong emphasis on faith, deliverance, and end time truth. Dr. Hicks has written fifteen books, all straightforward and easy to read, on a variety of biblical subjects.