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Dark Threads the Weaver Needs

Dark Threads the Weaver Needs

By: Herbert Lockyer

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Description: Making Sense out of Pain and Suffering. "Jesus implies that the Christian has learned the secret of an alchemy by which the base metal of injustice and consequent suffering can be turned into the gold of character and into the gold of the purposes of the kingdom of God." —Herbert Lockyer, Dark Threads the Weaver Needs

Suffering is an age-old question that has puzzled the people of God since time began. After all, if our God is both a loving and an all-powerful being, why does He allow such pain and suffering in the world?

At the age of eighty-two, legendary Bible scholar Dr. Herbert Lockyer took on this question. As he watched his wife of sixty-six years slowly fade from loving spouse to an incapacitated person who needed his constant care, it caused him to look upon her afflicted, helpless form, and ask, O my God, why?

In this outstanding work, Lockyer does not present ideas on how to cope with suffering but teaches how to pass through it, removing self-pity and using personal trials as a springboard to help others. In the midst of his darkest hour, Lockyer examines the problem of human suffering in light of God's love and His eternal plan.


ISBN-10: 1629110124
ISBN-13: 9781629110127
Publisher: Whitaker House
Binding: Paperback
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