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Buddy Bell

     Rev. Buddy Bell, president and founder of the Ministry of Helps International, Inc., in Tulsa, Oklahoma, originally began serving in the ministry of helps in his local church by doing with excellence all his hand could find to do.

     Sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Buddy Bell began developing highly effective methods of ushering, conspicuous only in their reflection of God's character and love. Ushers following his example or trained by him functioned supernaturally. As they maintained the order necessary to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to flow forth to minister, they spread God's love. People's needs were met not only in the services, but elsewhere in the church building, even in the parking lot. Consequently, churches began requesting Rev. Bell's usher and general ministry of helps training.

     Rev. Buddy Bell's humor, zeal and anointing from God to present ministry of helps training motivates people in a most delightful manner to find their place and fulfill their ministry in the local church.

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